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Thought of the Day – Jesus Can Use Empty Things

Luke 5:1-7 “Give Jesus your empty things” – “Jesus can use, empty!”

The fishermen were washing their nets, and their boats were unoccupied. They worked all night and caught nothing! Jesus was drawing a huge crowd and needed some distance (and amplified sound effects) between He and the crowd. Peter agreed and pushed out in the water a little ways and the rest is history! Jesus preached from an empty boat a message that filled the people’s heart before He filled Peter’s boat with fish. This is not the first time our God has used empty.

Once, when Elijah was confronted by the false prophets of Jezebel on Mt. Carmel about the “True” God, he challenged them to a duel. “The God answering by fire is the One True God.” After watching the false prophets waste an entire morning and afternoon jumping up and down, cutting themselves and crying like babies, Elijah made the task even more difficult by soaking his sacrifice in water – 4 barrels full, 3 times! After a prayer of dedication, the fire came down and consumed the sacrifice, rocks and water! Case closed!

Just like with Peter, God used those empty barrels to help demonstrate His power; and He will do the same with you! You can become that empty “something” to help Him facilitate His next miracle. Or, you may be that next miracle!

Special Note:

Jesus emptied out himself in order to be filled with His Father’s Will. “Not My Will But Thine Be Done!”