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Thought of the Day – The Best “YOU”

There is an ancient Greek aphorism “Know Thyself” that may fit well with my subject or theme today. Many of the great philosopher of the past used this phrase when speaking to their students and mentees. 
I am encouraging you to “Be the best you” – that’s physical, mental, and spiritual. And the way to do it is to Know Thyself!
Jesus never lost His Way or diverted from the Will of His Father because He knew who He was and what He was born to do. Do you? 
How can you lead a family, a congregation, a business, a nation if you are not your best “YOU”?
STOP! Before you ruin, hinder, hamper or detour the lives of others, spend time with God and find you. And when you do, make you the best “you” possible. 

Men and Women of Integrity