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Thought of the Day – 4 P’s

II Kings 6:1-7

And the sons of the prophets said unto Elisha, Behold now, the place where we dwell with thee is too strait for us. 
Let us go, we pray thee, unto Jordan, and take thence every man a beam, and let us make us a place there, where we may dwell. And he answered, Go ye. 
And one said, Be content, I pray thee, and go with thy servants. And he answered, I will go. 
So he went with them. And when they came to Jordan, they cut down wood. 
But as one was felling a beam, the axe head fell into the water: and he cried, and said, Alas, master! for it was borrowed. 
And the man of God said, Where fell it? And he showed him the place. And he cut down a stick, and cast it in thither; and the iron did swim. 
Therefore said he, Take it up to thee. And he put out his hand, and took it. II Kings 6:1-7

There are four questions to answer in life. They are:

  1. Why am I here? -Purpose
  2. What gives my life meaning? – Priority
  3. What is right and wrong? – Principles
  4. What happens when I die? – Promises

There are three distinct points in the story of the prophet borrowing an axe, losing the axe head and what he did to retrieve it. Each of them tells us the importances of growth, relationship and leadership. They are: 

  1. You should be experiencing growth
    1. Growth is not always a number as much as it is a state of being.
    2. The sons of the prophet saw the need to move forward – brothers of accountability
    3. When people like you, they will listen to you. But when people trust you, they will follow you.


  1. With growth comes challenges
    1. These trees are challenges which must be cut down and made into a house of worship (Pray, Sing, Testify, Hear the Word)
    2. We don’t always have what we need, but God will provide – a borrowed axe (Your gift is a loan from God.)
    3. We have to intentionally grow our character (the axe handle) to measure up to the gift.


  1. The reward is not in the project but in the process
    1. We can assume that they finished the project and build the new worship center but that is not the point.
    2. God wants us to learn to appreciate every victory along the way!