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Thought of the Day – Between the Command and Your Miracle

Between the Command and the Miracle is a small thing called an obedient action!

 “If you want a move of God then you have to move for God!”

One of the reason we struggle with the supernatural acts of God is because of our human inactivity. In other words, we fail to add the missing element of “ACTION” to the command of God. Consequently, we are not seeing the miraculous.  

Jesus is the Master of Miracles because The Word is in Him! The Christ (The Speaking God) lives in Jesus. So, when Jesus tells a person to do something, He is speaking what “The Word” tells Him. Acting on this Word produces positive results! 

Jesus speaks a command because that’s what The Word did in the Beginning!

Logic – Father  (The Will)  – The Thinking God

Logos – Son (The Word) – The Speaking God

Logistics – Holy Spirit (The Way) – The Doing God

Here’s a few examples:

  1. Jesus put clay on a blind man’s eye and said go wash. He washed and he came back seeing!
  2. Jesus told a man with a withered arm to stretch it forth. He motioned to stretch and his arm was made whole that very moment.
  3. Jesus told a lame man take up his bed and walk. He obeyed and his got up with a miracle!
  4. Jesus told a company of ten lepers to go show yourself to the priest and as they went, they were healed.

What is God telling you to do? Well, do it!