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Thought of the Day – Do we really mean what we say?

Do we really mean what we say?

“I will be praying for you!” “Have a great day!” These are just a couple of phrases I hear almost on a daily basis and I use them myself. But, do we really mean what we say?

My wife and I were reading from Kyle Idelman’s book, “Not a Fan” when we came across a powerful illustration of the difference between fans and followers of Jesus. If you asked the average person about the importance of their health, they would place it at or near the top of their list. However, if you question the foods they eat, you will find that it does not match their response. If you asked the average head of household, where does family rank on their list of priorities, they would rank it at or near the top. Yet, they would take a job that disrupts the entire family structure just because it pays better.

Francois Fillon, one of the leading French presidential candidates, stumbled in his bid for the highest office in his country because he paid his wife nearly a million dollars in public funds — for hardly any work. The biggest disappointment is that he ran on a platform of a man of integrity. Now, news is surfacing that even his children may have been paid large sums of money for little or no work. According to French law, there is nothing wrong with hiring family members to work for you, but they must work. Is it possible that we are becoming a species of clichés and rhetoric without substance? Have we become a society that expects more from people that we are willing to give ourselves? Where is the beef?

Jesus is our shining example of integrity and principles. He came, lived, served, died and is coming back again. Everything He said He would do, He did it! We are called to be “Christ like” in all of our ways. I will admit that this is a high calling, but through Christ all things are possible, including walking what we talk.

Don’t just sit on the sideline, yelling at your brothers and sisters striving to fulfill the call on their life. Get in the game and put in sweat equity. Mean what you say and back it up with work! Do you love Jesus? Do you really?