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Thought of the Day – Make an excuse

The old saying is that an excuse only sounds good to the person making it.  As a pastor, I have heard so many different kinds of excuses for not coming to church, missing the Bible Study, late for prayer and just too tired to make Sunday School Class.


But I have never heard any one of those people ever make up an excuse to make up for a missed service. “Hi Pastor, I am going to stay after service today to pray and seek God. I owe Him that much.” – NOT!


I wonder what would it look like if every Christian decided to pay back every missed prayer meeting, Bible Study, Sunday School Class and Sunday Service? What would it sound like if they decided to stay later and pray an extra prayer or get up a little earlier and tell God, “I owe You this one!” 


How much prayer (as my grandmother used to say . . timber) would be going up all around the world right now if only Christians who have missed attending their services this week would stop and pray right now, because . . “they owe God this one”?


Instead of waiting for the next service night, what would happen in the heavens if every person who made an excuse for missing the mid -week service would repent, pull out their Bible and lift up a verse or two towards heaven? 


I wonder what would happen if Christians stopped making excuses and found a way to join the faithful?  One can chase a thousand but two ten thousand. Does your excuse sound good to you?