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Thought of the Day – Prepare the Child for the Road of Life

Subject: It is easier to prepare the child than to clear the road
Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father, and attend to know understanding.
2 For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law. Proverbs 4:1, 2

Too often we work (in vain) trying to clear the road of life of all obstacles for our children, when we would better serve them by preparing them for what’s on this road called “life”.
When our children were toddlers, running around the house, we did not move all of the furniture and the necessary items needed to maintain our day to day activities. We always had sweet treats on the coffee table and we never hid food from them. Instead, we helped them understand why and how to avoid certain entanglements and to ask for a sweet treat. In all fairness, it did not work the first few times around. Well, several times around. But by maintaining an attitude of consistency and with much prayer, they grew into responsible adults with families of their own.
Social Media is the latest obstruction on the road of life, but it is not the first. Depending on your age, it may have been newspapers, magazines, radio, television, movies, computers and the list goes on! Advancement in technology is not the problem, the lack of integrity and personal restraints are the culprits. As with the hottest item in my generation, we had to choose how to properly use the device. Any of the above mentioned attractions could have used for illicit and immoral intent. There is no doubt they were used immorally, but we had to make a choice to stay away from that hindrance and focus on the good in having that resource available.
Let’s be honest: we will never be able to move every temptation away from our children, church, community or world. But we can give them our attention, a voice of understanding and wise counsel. Once we love, teach and pray, the rest is up to them.
Let’s engage this generation in meaningful dialogue and instruct them in the way they should go. Offer them your testimony of struggle and overcoming on your road of life. You might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome!